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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Five "not the usual" things I'm grateful for

Practising gratitude is a cornerstone of good mental health.

The obvious things to be grateful for like family, pets, having a job, house etc are pretty easy to name. But what happens when we look past those and look for other items we are grateful for?

My list of other items I'm grateful for.
  1. Chester Bennington's voice. Chester, may he rest in peace, had a brilliant voice that he used in so many different ways.
  2. Podcasts. I have learnt so much from listening to a range of pods.
  3. Zoo's. Although there are pros and cons to having animals in captivity, I went to Sydney Zoo yesterday and was able to get up close to a massive crocodile. To sit there and examine this prehistoric animal was quite captivating.
  4. Elon Musk. A mate of mine reckons Elon is from Mars and I tend to agree. He is constantly pushing technological boundaries and seemingly does it with a smile without being worried what others think. A lot already have and a lot more of us will be the beneficiary of Elon's work in the not to distant future.
  5. Cleaners. Cleaning up after other people. Respect and incredibly grateful for them.

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