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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Thoughts are not facts

I am thankful that speaking openly about my mental health journey comes relatively easy for me. I am able to give a voice to those that cannot and that is excessively important to me.

Of all the subjects around my journey, suicidal ideation was something that I kept pretty close and only spoke to a select few, outside of clinicians.

Yes I had suicidal thoughts but I never ever went to active planning which I am thankful for and that is because I was handed a document in hospital that was labelled, "Thoughts are not facts". I instantly took so much out of that and it made me realise that even though I was thinking it, it was not factual.

Thanks to an awesome relationship with Tiffanee Cook, she hosted me on Roll With The Punches to have a chat about it. The trust that I have in Tiff allows for an open and honest discussion - I knew she wouldn't exploit it for her own benefit and trust in mental health is everything.

Millions of people in Australia suffer or will suffer from suicidal ideation during their lifetime. That is a massive number of people, so please if you are one of those people, tell yourself that thoughts are not facts and please, seek out your GP or clinician as they are most likely linked to an underlying mental health condition.

Be well.

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