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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Surround yourself with diamonds

One thing that I count as a massive positive out of my PTSD journey is that I have been exposed to some incredible people and are now lucky enough to call some of these people mates.

Without going through what I went through, and continue to go through, I would not have been exposed to these men and women who are super influential, smart, tough, resilient, educated and inspirational.

So many aspects of my life operate differently now because I have aligned myself with the teachings I have taken from these people. I won't name any of them as there are to many to name but suffice to say that I am incredibly better off in life knowing them.

I still have my pre PTSD mates to call upon and talk crap with (which we do really well!!) who I admire, respect and enjoy spending time with, who I continue to learn from and ask questions from but the addition of the people I spoke about earlier has just been a massive bonus.

The moral of this story and yes it can be a cliche, but there is massive truth in removing people from your life who are consistently negative, drag you down and are not worthy of your precious time. Concentrate of the positive relationships that make you a better version of yourself and hunt out those that will continue to challenge you to make yourself better and do this is a respectful and teaching way.

There is so much growth in everyone, never stop learning, soak up knowledge and practise what you have been taught by awesome respected people.


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