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Thursday, August 10, 2023

"They have it much worse than me"

"They have it much worse than me"…seven words that are incredibly destructive when spoken in the wrong context.

When you are struggling mentally and at times physically, it can be so easy to tell yourself that others have it worse however the most important person to you, is you, so it is perfectly okay, in fact encouraged to put your own health first.

If we obeyed that thought that others have it worse off, we would get nowhere in our recoveries or maintaining a good level of mental health.

Look around the world and yes, it is perceived that in most instances you have it better off than hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people but you should not feel guilty about that.

If you want to be the best person you can be, you need to focus on you. If you are, among others, healthy, aware, resilient, empathetic and balanced, then you are going to be able to be the best version of you which results in you being the best parent you can be, the best friend you can be, the best colleague you can be etc.

There is a reason why when you are flying that you are instructed to put your own oxygen mask on first, you cannot effectively help anyone else, if you are not right yourself.

Be well.

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