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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Helping others

 When I founded The Code 9 Foundation, there was one aim, to sponsor assistance dogs to help first responders who are suffering from severe mental health injuries get some of their lives back.

Whilst we still do this, we have also expanded since these early days and now help out our colleagues in a variety of ways. One way is to help out the families when needed and this was
just posted on the foundations Facebook page (www.facebook.com/code9ptsd)

"To everyone who has supported us with donations, this is how you help us help others.
This “Code 9 Care Package” went out recently to a Code 9 family - just a little way for us to provide some support when times get a little tough.

So to everyone who helps make this possible - a massive thank you!

And to anyone who would like to help us keep helping - you can make a donation below. Every cent donated goes directly towards helping us support first responders and their families when they need it most".

Being able to do these things, give actual care and support to our members without any expectation of being rewarded back is incredibly humbling so to all who have helped, supported, raised funds for or donated to the foundation, I simply say, thank you.

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