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Thursday, August 10, 2023

What my depression feels like...

A wave of depression came in a few days back, what does it feel like for me...

- My head feels heavy
- I don't have a headache but I can feel my head, it's a numb type of feeling, strange but a clear symptom
- I cannot concentrate
- I cannot read too much as nothing sinks in
- I have trouble pronouncing some words
- My motivation has plummeted
- I can find temporary relief with music or exercise, but soon after it returns
- I’m tired, despite sleeping pretty well
- I’m fatigued, despite eating well

How I have responded:
- Understand that it will pass and accept it for what it is
- Make good decisions, i.e. drink more fluids, eat well
- Make sure I exercise
- Continue on with life and be kind to myself

I have had plenty of practice with this and are fine but thought I'd let you all know what it is like.

Be Well.

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