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Thursday, August 10, 2023

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"

Was chatting to a close mate the other night, Rob Atkins, who just happens to be one of the most tough and resilient cats I know, and then he dropped on me, "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional". (In context we were talking PTSD and our respective diagnoses).

I sat there and looked at the words for what seemed like hours but was literally a minute. The words hit me, resonated with me and challenged me but most of all, I knew these words are so precisely on point they were instantly burnt into my memory.

What you choose to do with your pain is exactly that, your choice. How you deal with this adversity will go along way towards how you live your life. Rob said that when he heard these words, they were a game changer and has helped him considerably.

"Make good decisions" rings in my ears when I am feeling crap because it is easy to make bad unhealthy ones. A good decision is most definitely to acknowledge that pain is inevitable, it happens at some stage to every human being walking this great big chunk of dirt and rock we live on, however suffering is optional.

I understand that my recovery is way different to other persons and the words above are in no way invalidating other peoples journey, however they are true to me and I wish I have of heard this from the get-go.

I accepted my diagnoses immediately however I suffered and pushed the pain away at times. I can now see, for me personally, this was a mistake. I now absorb my pain, I bring it close to me and I do not suffer. I live with it. I choose not to suffer.

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